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In Other Ocean News:

  Leonardo da Vinci Designed a Nightmare Scuba Suit

Despite its alt-future aesthetic, this alarming piece of apparel is actually a 16th-century scuba* suit, dreamt up by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Although there's no record that he actually built one himself, da Vinci considered the suit so powerful that he refused to divulge its details, fearing the technology would be abused by the "evil nature of men".

                              davinci scuba suit From a travelling exhibit of Leonardo's inventions

Although it's unclear precisely when da Vinci came up with his diving suit, evidence suggests he envisioned it as a military technology, potentially meant to help the Republic of Venice beat the much stronger Ottoman navy.

The most complete plans show a leather suit and facemask, with goggles and an inflatable wineskin to enable sinking and floating. Two hollow breathing tubes, made of cane and reinforced with steel rings, lead from the diver's mouth up to the surface of the water—some incarnations show them attached to a floating disc, while others have them leading to a pocket of air trapped by a diving bell. There is even a special pee pouch for the diver, ensuring he can stay down there regardless of whether nature calls.

Aussie Navy called in after snorkeler confuses sea urchins for deadly underwater mines

A man snorkelling off Clifton Gardens called police after spotting the creatures and was convinced they were anti-shipping mines.“We ran through some pictures of mines with our snorkeller and for good measure photos of sea urchins as we were a little sceptical,” North Sydney Police said. “However our snorkeller was adamant they were in fact mines, so taking no precautions the Navy was called in to make an assessment.”

sea urchin           anti shipping mines


The divers investigated on Thursday morning and found two sea urchins among the rocks. “Granted they are a healthy size but still, sea urchins. Never a dull moment,” the police said.


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