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Curt gets his answer

California Outdoors Q&As: Tagging abalone with rubber bands? 

Question: After reading a recent answer to a diver who asked how to attach his abalone tag to a rare abalone he’d taken that had no siphon holes where he could affix the tag, I have a question. Some members of my dive club and I assisted DFG with the abalone creel survey last year. We noticed that some of the pickers we surveyed used rubber bands to attach the tags to the abalone. They just laid the tag on the shell and put the rubber band all the way around the abalone to hold the tag on. There were no holes in the tags. Is this a legal way to attach the tag? (Curt H.)

Answer: No, this is not legal. The law requires the tag be “... securely fastened to the shell of the abalone. To affix the tag, a zip tie, string, line or other suitable material shall be passed through a siphon hole on the abalone shell and through the tag at the location specified on the abalone tag.” (California Code of Regulations Title 14, Section 29.16 (b)(3)).

NorCal Underwater Hunters Big Ab Competition -- August 20

This special event will begin at Ocean Cove, Sonoma County on the California's North Coast. It is open to free-divers only and current California Department of Fishing Game laws apply. Entry fees are $30 if preregistered and $40 day of event. To receive a free shirt you must preregister. The preregistration will end on July 20. After that you will have to purchase your shirt at the event.

All divers are required to fill out and turn in a waiver form and show current California fishing license and current 2011 abalone tags at sign in. All divers are required to register with at least one dive buddy. The check in and measuring for the abalone for the event will be held at the Ocean Cove Campground, 23125 Coast Highway One. Diving can be done anywhere along the Northern California Coast (except for designated preserves). Check in begins at 7 a.m. All divers must return to the checkout area by 2 p.m.; no exceptions.

There will be awards (plaques) in several divisions. Additional festivities for the day include a beach cleanup and an abalone cook-off.

The Ocean Cove Big Ab competition promotes safe buddy diving and friendly competition. All divers should be in contact with their dive buddy/ies while in the water. All proceeds from the even will be donated to S.C.A.N. (Sonoma County Abalone Network). For more information, call 707-478-1504 or visit www.abalonenetwork.org online. This event is weather permitting, which will be determined on the day of the event.

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