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In Other Ocean News:

Abalone Season Opens April 1st Fort Ross is Closed Until August


Fort Ross Red Abalone Closure Area
Closed December through May and for the month of July - see CCR Title 14 Section 29.15(b)(1)

Also new rule, no commingling of abalone. Everyone must have a separate float or bag on thier kayak.

"New fishing regulations this year also mandate that every person taking abalone must maintain separate possession of their abalone prior to tagging. Abalone may not be commingled in a float tube, dive board, dive bag or any other container or device until after the abalone are properly tagged. While individual possession was a common practice in the past, it is now a legal requirement."

Man pops question during world record-breaking dive

Diver Sean McGahern has broken a previous world record for a cold water open sea dive, staying underwater for 12 hours and 34 minutes. The previous record was of 11 hours 46 minutes. Mr McGahern, dived into the water at St George's Bay, Malta, at around midnight. The temperature was a stable 14 -15 degrees Celsius (57 to 59 degrees F) all throughout.

However, Diver Sean McGahern did not just earn a place in Guinness World Records when he spent over 12 hours underwater on March 4 – he also gained a fiancée after writing a marriage proposal to his girlfriend on an underwater slate. His girlfriend of five months, Mikaela Papagiorcopulo, was underwater with him in St George’s Bay when the proposal was made, as she had joined him for one hour of his record-breaking dive.
“She responded with a lot of excited bubbles,” recalled Mr McGahern chuckling.
Taken completely by surprise, Ms Papagiorcopulo nodded her acceptance and the couple shared an underwater embrace, but when Mr McGahern later emerged from the sea as a world record holder, she had to check nothing fishy was going on.

“Hardly anyone else seemed to know he was going to ask me, so I had to confirm he was serious,” she laughed.
 “I had been waiting for the right time to propose and I told a few safety divers that I was thinking of doing it during the record attempt – they were concerned I’d get distracted. But when it became clear the attempt was likely to succeed, I went for it,” he said.

When the time does come to the knot, would they consider an underwater wedding?
“It has crossed our minds,” Mr McGahern admits.


Hotel seal

Pinchita the Seal (actually a sea lion and I haven't been able to track down what hotel- the editor) was found caught in a fishing net and nursed back to health at a hotel. She now returns daily to the hotel from the sea to "rest" and is pregnant.


Ship's bell 'goes missing' from sunken Costa Concordia (that Italian Cruise liner that went down)

the bell before swiped as a souvenir

The ship's bell of the Costa Concordia, which ran aground off Italy two months ago, is reported to have gone missing.
Pictures of the bell, taken underwater by divers soon after the vessel sank, became a well-known image associated with the disaster.
Soon after the Costa Concordia capsized, images taken by divers showed the bell still hanging in position on the wreck, but several metres under water.

A judicial source quoted by the Reuters news agency said that thieves stole the bell from one of the ship's decks two weeks ago. Morbid memento?

The location of the wreck, off the island of Giglio, is considered a crime scene and is continually patrolled by coastguard launches. The BBC's Rome correspondent, Alan Johnston, says this would make it almost impossible for any diver intending to loot the wreck to enter and steal the bell. He says it is likely that if the bell's disappearance is confirmed, suspicion will focus on the search-and-rescue teams, who have constant access to the wreck.

It would have been difficult to get the large, heavy and gleaming bell onto the shore unnoticed - and it is possible that it has simply dislodged itself, he adds. "I can only guess that someone took it as a sort of morbid memento," Giglio mayor Sergio Ortelli told Reuters. "In my mind, the missing bell is of no importance. We have the ship's statue of the Madonna in our church, and that has much more symbolic meaning for us."


Sonoma Coast Die-Off Still a Mystery

I talked with Jerry Kashiwada, DFG Biologist North Coast, and he said there's too many variables to pin-point the exact cause. It seems to be a dinoflagellelate but the exact one or two is uncertain.

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