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Next outing ski/snowshoe in Tahoe, contact Carol for details


In Other Ocean News:

New Abalone Regulations:

When the abalone harvest season opens on April 1, the following two new abalone regulations are going into effect:

1) The Fort Ross area will be closed for the first two months, so abalone in this area may be taken only during the months of June, August, September, October and November (CCR Title 14, Section 29.15(b)(1)). A map showing the abalone closure area around Fort Ross can be found at http://nrm.dfg.ca.gov/FileHandler.ashx?DocumentID=42101&inline=true

2) Individuals taking abalone shall maintain separate possession of their abalone. Abalone may not be commingled in a float tube, dive board, dive bag, or any other container or device, until properly tagged. Only after abalones are properly tagged (as described in CCR Title 14, Section 29.16 (b)), may they be commingled with other abalone taken by another person (CCR Title 14, Section 29.15(g)(1)).

The Fish and Game Commission (FGC) lifted the emergency closure off the Sonoma County coast so abalone season will open there on April 1 just like everywhere else, except for the Fort Ross area.


Question: While buying my license recently, I was told by the vendor that we no longer need to carry our fishing licenses with us. He said game wardens can now scan people’s California driver licenses (CDL) to verify the purchase. Is this true? (Rick B.)

Answer: No, you are required to have your actual sport fishing license in possession while fishing (CCR Title 14, Section 700) and to present your actual license upon request to any game warden who asks (FGC, Section 2012). Department of Fish and Game (DFG) game wardens do not carry CDL scanners.


Tea Party With Sharks

Scuba divers seated at an underwater table in a tank filled with sharks.

The stunt marks the launch of a new display at the Sea Life London Aquarium, which aims to put an end to myths about the beautiful creature being a blood thirsty sea monster.

Deputy curator Jamie Oliver said: "We wanted to challenge the terrible - and undeserved - reputation sharks have as bloodthirsty killers.

"What better way of doing it than by joining all of them for tea.The team was very excited to throw the party and the sharks didn't blink an eye."

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