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Abalone Fishery in Sonoma County Closed

The abalone fishery along the California coast of Sonoma County is officially closed effective immediately. The abalone season remains open in the rest of the northern California coastal counties (Marin, Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte).

Divers Recover Artifacts from Blackbeard's Flagship

WILMINGTON, NC - A team of divers is retrieving artifacts from Blackbeard's infamous flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, nearly 300 years after the vessel sank off North Carolina's coast near Beaufort in 1718.

Michelle Bliss reports that researchers will recover a cannon later this month, but they're already finding hidden treasures.

Divers are planning to recover a 2,500-pound cannon, the 14th cannon they've preserved since the wreck was discovered in 1996.

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Spokesperson Jennifer Woodward says that in the meantime, the team is searching for smaller artifacts to shed light on life aboard the ship.

"Another exciting find was a brass lid and this goes hand-in-hand with a number of nesting weight cups that they have discovered in previous dives. So, everything's starting to come together. It's kind of like a mystery, finding all the little different pieces."

The weight cups could have been used to measure medicine or gold dust. Researchers raised the ship's anchor last spring, and, to date, they've collected more than 280,000 artifacts from the wreck.


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