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While no one has seen it actually enforced ...

Question: For years I have used an abalone iron for removing mussels from the rocks but was just told that I can't use any tools. Is this true? How can mussels be removed from the rocks without an ab iron or something similar? Please clarify what tools, if any, can be used to take mussels from ocean rocks. (Bill T., Lafayette)

Answer: You may take mussels only by hand without the aid of any tools (CCR, Title 14, Section 29.10). Taking mussels by hand one at a time is far less harmful to a mussel bed than prying them off with ab irons, crowbars, screwdrivers, hoes or hammers. When people use tools they have a tendency to pry off large chunks of the mussel clusters and then pick out the desirable ones to eat, wasting the rest. Many people use a tough pair of garden gloves to pry them off. Give those a try.


SCUBA Show 2011 - The Diving Event of the Year

June 4 & 5, 2011 Long Beach Convevntion Center


More than 500 Lionfish Removed in Second Annual Middle Florida Keys Roundup

Divers successfully removed 531 invasive lionfish from Florida Keys waters on May 14, during the first event of the Second Annual Florida Keys Lionfish Derby Series in Long Key, Fla., organized by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF).

Ten teams of divers competed for $3,350 in cash and prizes in the categories of most, largest and smallest lionfish in the first of three lionfish derbies planned for 2011. Team “Strategery” of Key Largo netted $1,000 for most lionfish with their haul of 158 fish collected in the single day event. Team “Full Circle” of Islamorada, won $500 for largest lionfish with a 14-inch fish, while Team “Key Lime Good Time” of Miami took home $500 for the smallest lionfish at 2 ½ inches.



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