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It's sad, but I'm making a link to Monterey County Health Department's Advisory for beach closures due to the beach's poor ocean water quality. I'm told it's has to due with nearshore water exceeding bacteria limits due to storm drain runoff and broken sewer pipes that people like the Pebble Beach golf course would rather pay the fine than fix. (And people keep wondering why the otters aren't having a good time of it). I'll do a more in-depth investigation, call up the health department and get a better idea what's going on and if they're actually doing anything about it. You'll see the link as Monterey Beach Alerts For instance here's what's up there as of today:

>>> AS OF 10/29/2010 Lover’s Point and Still Water Cove are under an advisory due to exceeding the 30 day average. The beaches will remain posted until samples indicate that indicator bacteria are at a safe level for recreational water contact according to state guidelines. ALL OTHER BEACHES ARE OPEN WITHOUT RESTRICTION. Beach Condition Hotline 1-800-347-6363.>>>

Divers discover 1500 live ammunition shells under NY bridge

COMMERCIAL divers were confident Sunday that they uncovered what the Navy missed more than 50 years ago during a frantic search that made national headlines in the US: roughly 1500 live shells that went overboard into New York's Verrazano Narrows and Gravesend Bay.

A four-person crew was last week searching for artifacts in the murky waters off New York Harbour's former Fort Lafayette - an island near Bay Ridge destroyed in 1960 to pave the way for the Verrazano Bridge.

Initially, the team planned to photograph a few small shells they found last year. But this time around, diver Gene Ritter was blown away by what he saw on the sea floor.

Scattered under only six meters of water were eight WWII-era copper artillery shells - including one five feet long - designed to shoot down airplanes and about 1500 large calibre machine gun shells designed to explode on contact.

"What a find," Mr Ritter said as he climbed aboard the vessel.

"They're all over the place. Hundreds of them."

He believes the ammunition came from the stockpile of 14,470 live rounds that splashed into the bay during a military accident March 4, 1954. The aircraft carrier USS Bennington, moored off the fort, had unloaded the firepower onto a barge that broke free during a storm, overturned and drifted six miles to the Rockaways, littering the muddy sea floor with live ammunition along the way.

The discovery raised serious safety concerns about whether New York City authorities should dredge in Gravesend Bay, a mile south of the Bennington accident site, to build a waste transfer station, said Assemblyman William Colton (D-Brooklyn).

The Navy disavowed knowledge of the shells' origins or responsibility for removing them, and a spokesman said the divers should call local authorities.


Bali Dive Outfit Launches Best Dive Job In The World Contest; 'It's A Great Life'

BALI, Indonesia -- Indonesia-based dive outfit Blue Season Bali today launched a recruitment campaign to train someone for the best dive job in the world – that of a PADI-certified dive instructor on the island of Bali: For free.

Blue Season Bali Director Jonathan Cross said: "It's a great life. The successful candidate will go scuba diving every day, get a suntan, spend seven months on the paradise island of Bali and get up close and personal with the world's most diverse marine ecosystem. And we'll pay for it."

The winning applicant will be chosen from the best one-minute video blog submitted to Blue Season Bali on the theme of 'Why I Deserve the Best Dive Job in the World.' The competition opens on October 30th 2010 and closes on February 28, 2011. Anyone with a sense of adventure may apply. No diving experience is necessary.

Said Cross: "Our lifestyle is too good to be kept a secret. We will pick one person from all applicants who we think is most deserving of this training: to learn, from scratch if necessary, how to become a certified PADI scuba instructor."

The package is worth nearly $16,000 and includes all training necessary to become a PADI scuba diving instructor- free accommodation for seven months while in Bali, free equipment, free teaching materials …and free suntan lotion. Said Cross: "The successful applicant will spend a lot of time exploring the underwater world, but the sand, sun and surf of Bali are incredible, which is what the lotion is for."

The winner's daily activities – aside from learning how to teach sizzling backpackers the ins and outs of scuba – will include making a weekly video blog, enjoying the superb adventure activities and nightlife of Bali, and writing about their experiences. Said Cross: "A PADI dive instructor's life is filled with excitement and adventure. Imagine your office filled with coral reefs, palm trees and sea breezes, instead of copiers, fax machines and computers. This life is a reality for PADI dive instructors all over the world and it will soon be a reality for the winner of Blue Season Bali's 'Best Dive Job in the World' contest."

As a PADI 5* Career Development Center, Blue Season Bali holds the industry's highest accreditation for dive operators, a reflection of their years of commitment to quality in diver education. Blue Season Bali was chosen by PADI Asia Pacific as the winner of this year's 'Outstanding Dive Business Award' and has received numerous industry awards for quality in training and customer service.

The island of Bali in Indonesia is world renowned for its superb diving, excellent party and beach life, kaleidoscopic Hindu culture and hot, sunny weather. Voted as the "World's Best Island" by the readers of Time and Travel & Leisure magazines, Bali is a top international destination for divers and surfers alike. Located in the very cradle of global marine diversity, the variety of fish and coral species to be found there is unrivalled in South East Asia.

Enter to win the World's Best Dive Job after October 30 at www.bestdivejob.com


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