BCD Next Dive Club Outing

Roy's Cabin on the Russian River - Forestville

(near Guerneville, Sonoma County) June 14th

Call Carol for details

The BCD Golden Abalone cook-off Winner:

Results will be revealed next month's newsletter ...







We will do a full break down then. However, for now:

The 2008 BCD Golden Abalone cook-off Winner:

First place in Taste, Second in Presentation, First in Largest Ab:

Went to, now 3rd time Taste champion, Curt "Gettum' While They're Hot" Haney with his lip smackin' good "Abalone Cupcakes". (Actually screw "good", it had to be "great" - because as a contestant and voting participant there wasn't a runt in the litter. In my opinion any one of the entrees could have taken it - the editor).

Curt "Gettum' While They're Hot" Haney with largest ab

Again, the full break down with photos next newsletter


In other Ocean/SCUBA news:

Kiwi lands 1.2m barracouta using his cellphone as bait!

Barracutta CellphoneWellington, May 28 : When Les Holland's cellphone died last month, rather than getting it sold or exchanged for a new one, this New Zealander decided to give the ‘technological blessing’ a new lease on life - in the form of a ‘fishing lure’!

What began as a practical joke soon got transformed into amazement for the life-long recreational fisherman, when Holland hauled in a 1.2m barracouta about 150m off the Boulder Bank in his 9.75m launch Awatere.

"My cellphone died and I thought I'd make a thing to catch a kingfish on it and I towed it behind my boat - it was floating along the top so I had to put a sinker behind the swivel - and then I caught the barracouta on the bloody thing,”

Holland said he had no idea what attracted the fish to his makeshift lure, but hoped next time he used it, it would help pull in something a little more tasty.

Holland has a new phone now, but is not going to be dropping that one off his boat any time soon.

It is a flip-top model, he said, and "would wobble like hell through the water".


Sea Shepherd to Bill the Canadian Government $1000.00 a Day for its Ship , the Farley Mowat

Since April 12th, Sea Shepherd is owed: $47,000.00

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be billing the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans $1,000.00 per day for every day that the Farley Mowat is unlawfully held by the department.

The ship was taken by armed government thugs in international waters on April 12th, 2008. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society considers this to be an act of high seas piracy and is confident that the case against the Captain and the First Officer of the Farley Mowat will result in a victory for the defense.

“At no time did my ship ever enter the 12 mile limit,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen. “They had no right to board us and these charges are ridiculous. All we did was take pictures of seals being slaughtered on the ice.”

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will send an invoice on the 12th of each month asking for $30,000 for the time the ship is held from the Society. This will be $365,000 every year.

"This case is like a sealed box of rotten fish that is about to be opened and the stench will be tremendous when the decaying fish see the light of day. The government of Canada will have to clean up the mess." - Sea Shepherd


Four diving instructors and their classes were on a ferry that struck a rock and began sinking ....

The SSI instructor told his class, "Inflate your BCs and surface locator sticks, jump off and wait for the Coast Guard"

The YMCA instructor told his class, "You all had to swim 20 miles to qualify, the distance to the shore should be no problem, now jump in and swim!"

The NAUI instructor told his class, "We are the first and the best and the greatest! Everyone grab a woman in one arm and a child in the other and swim them to shore!"

The PADI instructor said, "Gear up and have a seat. There will be a extra charge of $50 each for this unscheduled wreck dive"

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