BCD 2008 Dive Club Dates:

March ?

April 12 -13 Mendo Little House

May 24 - 26 Russian gulch group site - Ab Cook-Off

June 14 Roy's cabin near Forestville

July? probably Monterey, Halibut or picnic?

Aug 9th Stillwater in Sonoma (not reserved yet) - camping

Aug 29,30 -Sept 1-Labor Day Manchester -Group site Fri - Monday Confirmed Yeah!

Plans to dive the cove at Elk. It will be an all day thing.Wheels and shared kayaks to get up and down the hill but hopefully some good hunting.


Oct 12 -13 Big Sur - no res. yet. Limekiln? Let Carol know if you are
interested. Garrapatta might be nice too.

Nov 8 - 10 Mendo Little House, Ab and Mushrooms!


Dec - Christmas Party.

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