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July 2nd Pete's place, Mylandia, on the Yuba River

What makes the Yuba River unique?

- It is home to some of California's strongest remaining runs of Chinook salmon and steelhead trout listed under the state and federal Endangered Species Acts.

- One of the most ambitious river restoration programs in the entire United States was begun here in early 2001, to determine if it is feasible to reintroduce the Chinook and steelhead.

- This river hosts the 4th highest number of dams of any watershed in the state.

- 44 threatened, endangered or "Species of Special Concern" are found in the Lower and Upper Yuba watersheds.

- The Yuba has the highest intrusion of roads in steep canyons of any watershed in the Sierra Nevadas. It has more than 1270 stream crossings and 600 miles of near stream roads.

- Pete has some land there.


NEWS UPDATE: Earthrace has been forced to abandon its record attempt after the boat sustained storm damage just out from Malaga, Spain.

Earthrace wishes to extend its thanks to our thousands of supporters for their unwavering support during this first attempt.

Earthrace has announced plans for a European promotional tour.

The Earthrace Project is presently making plans to visit up to 40 European cities during an upcoming promotional tour covering the next 8 months. The showpiece of the tour is a revolutionary and spectacular-looking, biodiesel-powered boat – simply called Earthrace.

Earthrace was built to attempt to break the world record for circumnavigation of the globe by a powerboat. Earthrace began its record attempt on April 7 from San Diego, California with the goal to finish in San Diego on or before 21 June 2007 to break the record of 75 days – set by the British boat Cable & Wireless in 1998. However the boat suffered storm damage just prior to arriving in Malaga, Spain and was forced to abandon the attempt. Earthrace was on track to break the record prior to withdrawing from the race.

Earthrace crew is presently considering another attempt at the world record for March 2008.


I was listening to KZSU (Stanford University radio) and they had an interview with this British alady who was fun loving as hell. And she has a story ... - Dan

Roz Savage

Following her successful crossing of the Atlantic in 2006, Roz Savage is bidding to be the first woman ever to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Her 3-stage row launches from San Francisco in Summer 2007.

Roz's Story

It was the year 2000, I was 33 years old, and I seemed to have the perfect life. I had a job, a husband, a home, a little red sports car.
In theory, I should have been happy.

Fast forward to March 2006. I am 38, divorced, homeless, and alone in a tiny rowing boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. My last hot meal was two months ago, before my camping stove broke. My stereo is bust. I’ve had no human contact since my satellite phone stopped working several weeks ago. All four of my oars are broken and I’ve had to patch them up with duct tape and makeshift splints. I have tendonitis in my shoulders and saltwater sores on my backside.

I have battled twenty-foot waves, sleep deprivation, self-doubt and depression. But I have never been happier.

They said I was crazy. They said I wasn’t big enough, not tall enough, not strong enough.

But at last, after three thousand miles and 103 days at sea, I am about to accomplish my goal. I am proving that anybody can achieve the extraordinary, if only they have enough guts and determination and sheer bloody-mindedness to see it through.

I am realizing my dream, one stroke at a time.

more can be read at http://www.rozsavage.com


I was looking for a pic of the Sonoma County Sherrif's Boat and found this on the Bodega Bay Navigator :

Saturday May 5 rescuers seach for missing divers

Scotty Creek May 5, 2007 -------- Legions of rescuers launched a desparate effort Saturday after two scuba divers were reported missing at Scotty Creek. A film crew doing a commerical for Kawasaki saw two divers enter the surf and not return. They called 911 about an hour after the divers in black and blue dry suits and scuba tanks went in the water. An underwater "scooter" – used for transportation – washed up onto Gleason Beach at Scotty Creek. The film crew – not associated with the divers – found the scooter and figured the divers were in trouble.

Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputies responded with their boat – The Mussell Point – moored at Spud Point Marina. Sheriff's helicopter, Henry-One, responded from the Sonoma County Airport. Local Deputy Charlie Bone responded. State Park Rangers and Lifeguards responded. Bodega Bay Fire and ambulance was also on scene ready to help. Bodega Bay Coast Guard Station sent a lifeboat and a helicopter from Alameda Station.

Three Lifeguard entered the water, one at the south end of Portuguese Beach, two at Scotty Creek.

The boats watched outside of the rock line cruising the area. The helicopters flew overhead repeatedly scanning for any sign of the divers. State Park Rangers watched from the cliff tops. The Lifeguards swam north against the nearshore current. The other two lifeguard swam out toward several large rocks that are interesting to divers. Another State Park Ranger checked cars at Scotty Creek and at the nearby parking areas for an unaccounted for vehicle.

State Park Rangers and Bodega Bay Fire called off the active search after 40 minutes. By then the divers would certainly be out of air. Helicopter Henry-One flew back to Sonoma County Airport. Shortly afterwards the Coast Guard helicopter was recalled to another search underway in San Francisco Bay.

Shortly after, the two divers walked out of the surf at Scotty Creek.

They were diving with a special air tanks and air that allowed just over two hours underwater.

They had lost their scooter and gave up finding it. The divers were unharmed and the rescuers had a live training exercise.

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