February 2001


Join Us At Our Next Meeting:

March 21

Club meetings are held in sunny San Francisco on the third Wednesday of every "ODD-numbered" month (example: January, March, and so on) at ROUND TABLE PIZZA - (415) 668-4300, 5160 Geary Blvd. at the corner of 16th Ave. Our Meetings in "EVEN" months will be held at that month's Club Dive.

At the Next BCD Meeting:

We will meet in our downstairs suite at Round Table Pizza (yes, we've been usurped by the traffic school again). Come early--we expect a record turnout of members this month!

At the Last BCD Meeting:

Only the Bush Innaugural Ball was more heavily attended. OK, actually we had a paltry turn-out, just Roy, Carol and Curt sitting around a greasy pizza, telling old fish tales. But our fearless trio was very productive--they came up with lots of terrific events for the next year. See page 2 for The List.

Next Club Event:

Diving. Diving. Diving. See page 2 for The List!

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