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It's that time again: Pay your BCD dues!

Just when you thought you might be able to afford your gazillion-dollar PG&E bill, here comes the BCD renewal. But think of all you get: camaraderie, jokes that are in bad taste, an opportunity to listen to Pete's Baja spear-fishing story one more time, a complete set of 35 diving buddies and rent-a-friends, all for only $35.

But, wait. If you act now, we'll throw in a subscription to CenCal diver's club (, a $20 value. CenCal represents all divers in California and lobbies for the rights of divers.

Send your $35 check to: Carol Reed, 150 Sadowa, San Francisco, CA 94112
Queries? Call Carol at 415-668-6662 (work) or 415-333-8820 (home).

Where's the Club?

Remember, we will no longer meet every month at Round Table on Geary. Instead we will meet there on ODD months and at the site of our monthly club dive during EVEN months.
Got it?

OK, then, when is our next meeting? If you said January 17, give yourself ten I.Q. points and move onto the next question.


Upcoming Club Dives:

See Page 4


Ready to lead us boldly into the new millennium are
Roy Coto
, our new club president
Dan Schwartz, our new vice-president
Carol Reed, our treasurer and trip-planner par excellence, and
Catherine Zandonella Fanta,
who may manage to hold onto her job as newsletter editor with lots of help from club member Siodin Kho.

PS, Thanks to Jim and Tracey for doing such a fantastic job with the newsletter last summer!


2001 : The Channel Islands

Will it happen?

It looks like we may be on our own for the fall trip to the Channel Islands. Most boats have sold their group bookings and we may have to join up with another club such as reef divers (gasp!) to get some spots. If you have a lead on a boat, contact Roy at:

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Updated: 01-01-01