January 2001


Join Us At Our Next Meeting:

January 17th

Club meetings are held in sunny San Francisco on the third Wednesday of every "ODD-numbered" month (example: January, March, and so on) at ROUND TABLE PIZZA - (415) 668-4300, 5160 Geary Blvd. at the corner of 16th Ave. We gather upstairs in the "party" room. Our Meetings in "EVEN" months will be held at that month's Club Dive.

At the Next BCD Meeting:

We'll discuss the fallout from the Christmas party, including the merits of spousal loyalty during the gift-exchange. Thanks to Roy and Colleen for hosting this year's event!

At the Last BCD Meeting:

We ate pizza, discussed upcoming dive club events, told a few jokes, and
confirmed our new president (it didn't take us near as long as the folks in Florida). After dinner we viewed the pictures from Rick Fanta's first foray into underwater photography.

Next Club Event:

Mussel Picking at Half Moon Bay on Sunday, Jan. 7. Contact Carol Reed for details.

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