"July" 2000


Join Us At Our Next Meeting: August 16th

All club meetings are held in sunny San Francisco on the third Wednesday of every month at ROUND TABLE PIZZA - (415) 668-4300, 5160 Geary Blvd. at the corner of 16th Ave. We gather upstairs in the "party" room. Click here for a map.


At the Next BCD Meeting:

We'll talk some more about the rules for our Labor Day Weekend dive trip, eat pizza, and greet Carol and Curt (they just returned from diving Tobago -- rumor has it that this is somewhere near Caspar, Wyoming -- Carol will be showing slides and they'll have lots of other goodies to show)

At the Last BCD Meeting:

In June, Carol showed slides from her recent dive at Point Joe near the Pacifica Grove lighthouse. Curt showed slides from his old submarine workstation in Scotland. By executive order, our July meeting was canceled.

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